The Team

Alexander Wengerowski

Alexander Wengerowski | Head of Baumann Academy

He's not only head of the department, but also a clown during breaks and has a NERF gun hidden in his locker (no joke, but it's supposedly not his). You can usually catch him with a chocolate croissant in his hand. He is responsible for the further development and digitalisation of the trainings and does all the organisational stuff in the background. All developments concerning the academy go through him, you know typical boss stuff. On his daily agenda are the questions: "Is everyone in the team happy?" and "What's for dinner today?

Serena Fernandes Ferreira | Export Training Manager

When the mom dog Serena is not in the office, she travels around the world. At work, she is responsible for training the export countries and rocks them in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She lives by the motto "Viva la Vida" and also designs her training courses accordingly. The high-flyer is also studying educational and cultural management and can therefore bring her hobby into her studies and work. 

Serena Fernandes Ferreira
Anette Sander

Anette Sander | Trainer

Is the style icon in the office. She probably manages the balancing act between sales and training so well because she likes to attend a dancing class in her free time. As a trainer for our training courses, she loves learning and everything that goes with it, which is why she gives the tip: "You're only old when you stop learning".  When she is not developing a new workshop, she enjoys the sun in her garden. 

Niya Vlahova | Language Teacher & Trainer

Born in Bulgaria, she is a real language talent and improves the English and French skills of our entire team as well as all employees of the baumann group. When she is not explaining for the tenth time that there is no "it gives"(literal translation of “Es gibt” in German) in English, she likes to visit galleries and museums. She also reads a lot and can highly recommend reading "Purple hibiscus" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. For us, she is great. 

Niya Vlahova

Hélène Bangert | Lecturer Design Workshop

Architecture and design are a calling which should be experienced with passion and creativity. Of course, I cannot forget my architecture origins
and I also think of "high-rise architecture" whenever, I design kitchens – something that could make the exchange during this workshop quite exciting.

Marcus Neumann | Lecturer Assembly Seminar

As a head of assembly control for trade fair and exhibition kitchens, I am fully aware of the importance of a smooth assembly process. Look forward to product specifications which I will demonstrate to you hand in hand with our partners from the manufacturing sector.